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Boat Trip with Bonfire on Ranua Lake


Boating on Ranua Lake


Build up your dream hunting trip

Fatbike rentals

From €30.00

Fishing Trip by Boat- Ranua Lake

From €80.00

Fishing Trip by Boat- Simojärvi (Lake)


Guided fatbike excursion


Guided Grouse Hunting Trip

From €210.00



Koronjää 5km Hiking Loop

From €130.00

Liukulumikenkien vuokraus

From €20.00

Lumikenkien vuokraus

From €15.00


From €87.00

Northern Lights chasing by motorboat


Opastettu hiihtoretki


Opastettu kalastusretki


Opastettu lumikenkäily


Opastettu Pilkkiretki


Opastettu vaellus


Scenic Trip to Posio´s Riisitunturi


Suksipakettien vuokraus

From €16.00